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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Arlitt Instructional Media training videos for teachers, parents, and caregivers.

How do I get the most out of Arlitt Instructional Media Teaching Kits?

Actual classroom video depicts a variety of evidence-based practices. These can be used as standalone training tools. The accompanying CD contains a PowerPoint presentation for each chapter to be used for teacher education and professional development.

What is this training based upon?

Young Learners training materials are based on the latest research available. The training materials are authored at the Arlitt Child and Family Research and Education Center at the University of Cincinnati. The programs are videotaped in lab school settings on the university campus. Videos are hosted by specialists in the early childhood field.

What does the training consist of?

The Young Learners programs in Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Learning and a variety of other topics are each comprised of three topically related chapters on a DVD. Each program includes a DVD plus an accompanying three chapter CD that contains a Power Point presentation matched to the DVD. Supplemental materials such as plans for math games are contained on several of these CD’s.

Is there any additional information available on research Arlitt conducts?

Yes.  See: